Meet the Founder

Pastor Godlove Anthony is the pastor of RIGC. An anointed and ordained servant of God, Pastor Godlove Anthony is a practitioner and proclaimer of the Word of God. Trained at the University to be an Architect, on graduation he answered the call of God upon his life into the ministry. He has a divine mandate to preach the full Gospel of JESUS CHRIST for the Redemption of souls from all forms of satanic bondage and oppression, and the Restoration of man’s purpose/value. His ministry is a living proof that there is no power but of God. All power belongs to God! He is married to Mrs. Evelyn together they are faithfully serving God, and they are blessed with children.

Welcome Message from Pastor Godlove

I see the rise of a new breed of strong and mighty people, whose conduct is saturated with scripture, people who provide answers to generational questions, people who are solutions to human problems, people who exist to meet the teeming need of humanity, a people that will invade every sphere and class of human existence; influencing them with biblical principles, people that are terror to the evil and wickedness in this world; people transacting business on earth with divine principles and values, people that will send false prophets and preachers out of business and disgrace every evil power.

I see a people passionate to worship God and to take back the gospel of Jesus Christ from the commercialization, degradation, and recapture true spiritual authority; people with zero compromise of iniquity; people that are relevant on earth and conscious of eternity; a people with a sense of purpose and vision for the redemption and restoration of humanity from the forces of darkness.

We will love to pray for you

A Believer sees prayer as a way of life. At Redemptionpower International Gospel Church, we believe in prayers and we will love to join you as you pray to the Most High God.